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video installation (2019) short film (2021)


Alice embarks on a new journey into Wonderland. In the first portrait, FADE OUT, she gets lost in the hazy white of the TV, where she finds herself feeling lonely and trapped. In the second, THE DOOR, she arrives in front of a large door, a place which needs to be explored with prudence and curiosity. In CORRUPT STREAM she experiences the narcissistic euphoria of being, herself, the Wonderland. In the fourth, RESURRECTION, she experiences the Dionysian pleasure of devouring the fruits of that fantasy world. Finally, Alice, shows us her name in the form of a riddle: I AM THE KEY. For her, as for everyone, getting lost in the world of fantasy is the best way of discovering the existence of emotions and facing up to fears. In two words: grow up.


My personal Wonderland has always occupied a large portion of my life, both in childhood and adulthood. There is no doubt that it was a way, as perhaps it still is, of protecting myself from the real world, which can at times be brutal and indifferent. In these five portraits, Carroll's text dialogues with my memories and transforms them: in this way, Alice is a child I met many years ago and have never seen again, she is the daughter I have never had, it is my desire to browse in unknown places. At the same time she is me, who wanders between dreams and illusions.
Wonderland is a fantasy, as is the story that each of us creates of ourselves. Between the imaginary and reality, this story becomes our story, one which is full of incoherence and pitfalls, but at the same time it is still the place where the facts of life find their meaning and where dreams take shape, which become ideas and maybe even projects that come true.


with NINA CARROLL | writing and direction FABRIZIO ROSSO | cinematography LAURA CANTARELLA | art director MARIANNA PERUZZO | choreographer ELENA STEINAUER | technical assistant MATHIAS STEINAUER | set builder ANGELO FERRO | location TEATRO CIVICO Moncalvo, Italy | theater technician GIANNI PASTORE | theater manager RITA AIELLO | color and visual effect EDO BRIZIO post production services Los Angeles | sound design and mix PIETRO LUCA CONGEDO Black Head Studio Lugano-Berlin | production manager MARTA APRATO | producer FABRIZIO ROSSO / RossOffice

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